How are social and economic hierarchies self-perpetuating?

Psychologist Michael W. Kraus explores the emotional and hierarchical dynamics of human social interactions. He has studied how the rich think differently from the poor, how smiling can affect the outcome of a fight, and how physical contact—like high fives and chest bumps—might help NBA teams win.  Learn more »


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Thought Fragments Concerning Ideology in Social Science

There aren’t a lot of places outside the social sciences where a person can feel safe and secure about critically discussing left-leaning social justice issues. But perhaps there are costs to having these ideologically safe, but segregated, spaces in an empirical discipline?

Teaching Undergrads vs. MBAs: Four Observations

A brief summary of what stuck out to me as the main differences between teaching undergraduate psychology majors and first year MBAs..

Gender Imbalance in Discussions of Best Research Practices

Diversity and representation issues are important to our ongoing discussion of best research practices: A discussion about how we should do research would be better if it included all the kinds of people who conduct said research.