The Connecticut Social Interaction (CSI) Lab conducts most of its research through the Behavioral Laboratory at the Yale University School of Management. In the CSI Lab, we use a wide range of research methods including archival data analysis, ethological observations, and psychophysiological assessments in controlled lab and field settings. We use these methods to examine research questions including: 

  • Is subjective or objective social standing a stronger predictor of well-being?

  • How aware are individuals of racial inequality in society? Can we raise that awareness?

  • Who gets to be objective in the pursuit of social science?

  • How do elites persuade or manipulate lower status members of society?

  • How do institutional symbols shape belonging?

  • Why do allies join social movements?

PROSPECTIVE GRADUATE STUDENTS: Michael is open to accepting graduate students for the PhD program in organizational behavior during Fall 2020. Please keep in mind that as a matter of policy, Michael prefers not to have contact with prospective students regarding the PhD application prior to application review.

Michael will give full consideration to all applications but be sure to list “Michael Kraus” as a potential mentor in your application materials. Please keep in mind that although many students in the psychology program work with our lab we do not accept psychology graduate students and Michael does not review graduate applications to the psychology program at Yale.

STUDY MATERIALS: Most of the data, study materials, and pre-registrations for our ongoing research projects are housed at the Open Science Framework. 

SUMMER INTERNSHIP: Our summer internship in micro organizational behavior application for 2020 is closed but we will be accepting applications in January 2020. Read about our internship here.

Meet the Lab!

Jun Won Park

Jun Won is a doctoral student at the Yale School of Management. A Washingtonian at heart, he enjoys listening to rain sounds while the sun is out. His current research interests are broadly related to the psychology of collective action and social identity, with a focus on allyship in social movements. He received his BA in Psychology from Pomona College before coming to the Yale.


Bennett Callaghan

Bennett Callaghan is a member of the Kraus Lab as well as a member of the Yale Intergroup Relations Lab. His research interests broadly relate to the psychology of social class, both in terms of how it is experienced (on a personal and cultural level) and how it is implicated in collective and inter-group processes. Some research investigates how class influences people’s responses to political messages or candidates. Other research investigates how individuals communicate and perceive signals of social class or social status and how such signals influence other’s behavior. Bennett received his BA in Forensic Psychology, with a minor in English, at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (City University of New York) and spent two years at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign before coming to Yale.

Torrez - Headshot.jpg

Brittany Torrez

Brittany is a graduate student interested in the study of inequality and social class. Brittany did her undergraduate training at Stanford University where she majored in psychology before working as a lab manager at USC. When Brittany is not conducting research, she enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and scoping out the local Mexican food spots.

Twitter: BrittTorrez


Xanni Brown

Xanni is a third year doctoral student in the social psychology program. She majored in social studies at harvard university, where she also worked in the Sidanius intergroup psychology lab. Xanni’s research interests include intergroup relations, inequality, empathy, and political psychology. her non-research interests include campaign finance reform, bicycle touring, mountains, and rugby.

Twitter: @xannibrown


Julian M. Rucker

Julian is a fourth year doctoral student at Yale. He is primarily interested in the relationship between lay perceptions of discrimination and subsequent support for efforts to address social inequality. In his free time, he likes playing guitar and binging on documentaries and college football.


Quinton M. Delgadillo

Quinton is a research assistant with the CSI Lab where he studies hierarchies and social class signaling. Quinton majored in Psychology and Social Behavior, graduating with honors from the University of California, Irvine. His research interests also include economic inequality, power and status, decision-making, and prosocial behavior. Aside from his love for research, he enjoys a good read and podcasting while biking, swimming, or running.

twitter: Quintonmd


Enya Entung Kuo

Enya is a fourth-year undergraduate student at UCLA. Broadly interested in intergroup relations and coalition building, she is currently focusing on Americans’ perceptions of the Asian-White wealth gap. Her personal interests include trying all types of Asian restaurants with her friends.


Twitter: @KuoEnya

Breana Headshot.jpg

Breana Rucker

Breana is a pre-doctoral student at the School of Management where her research interests broadly include leadership and ethics, strategy, and minority entrepreneurship. She received her BS in Business Management from Alabama State University, and in her spare time enjoys watching thrillers, traveling, and baking.