Michael conducts his research in partnership with scholars from across the world. Most of the research is conducted through the Behavioral Laboratory at the Yale University School of Management. In the behavioral lab, we use a wide range of research methods including archival data analysis, ethological observations, and psychophysiological assessments in controlled lab and field settings. We use these methods to examine research questions including: 

  • Is subjective or objective social standing a stronger predictor of well-being?
  • How aware are individuals of racial inequality in society?
  • Do signals of wealth inspire greed or generosity?
  • How do elites persuade or manipulate lower status members of society?
  • What emotion processes increase trust and cooperation?
  • Why do allies join social movements?

Most of the data, study materials, and pre-registrations for our ongoing research projects are housed at the Open Science Framework. 

We have an open call for a paid summer research internship at the lab for summer 2017. 

In addition to Dr. Kraus, the lab is run in collaboration with:

Jun Won Park
Graduate Student, Organizational Behavior
Bennett Callaghan
Graduate Student, Social Psychology